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The Big Reveal

I have now gifted Secret Project, and am ready to tell you all about it (because I’m so super excited, dudes, I can’t even contain it).

My friend Nick is a linguist. She is also a bit obsessed with Disney, specifically the movie Brave.

I went to Israel in May/June, and was in a bookstore and saw THE PERFECT PRESENT for Nick. Seriously, so totally perfect I can’t even.

See? It’s the book of Brave, but in Hebrew! I had to get it for Nick. So I did.

The one problem? Nick doesn’t read Hebrew. And it’s not even a language that uses a similar alphabet to English, so she could sound it out.

Enter genius idea.

Even though she doesn’t know Hebrew, Nick *does* know IPA (which I didn’t, and wanted to learn in an off-hand, eventually, bucket-list sort of way). So, I went through the entire book (dudes, this book is fucking long. Longer than any children’s picture book has any right to be. It’s 96 pages long) and translated each page first into IPA and then into English.

For example, for this page:

the accompanying part of the translation was as follows:

Page 8: məʀɪdʌ χʌʀdʌ mɪpnəɪ hʌʃɪuʀɪm ʃəl ɪmʌ. hɪ χʌjʌ lʔmʌʔʌn ɔtʌm jʌmɪm nʔdɪʀɪm ʃəbʌhəm hʌɪtʌ χʌfʃɪjʌ. ʌz hʌɪtʌ lɔkəχət ɪtʌ kəʃət vʔʌʃpʌt χɪtsɪjɪm, ɔlʌ ʌl susʌ əngus umvʌlʌ ət hʌjɔm bʌjʌʔʌʀ, ʌsukʌ bɪfʔɪlujɔt mʌlʔhɪvɔt. hɪ hʌɪtʌ kʌʃʌtɪt mʔjumənət vʔʌχ lʔɪtɪm nʔdɪʀɔt həχmɪtsʌ klɪjʌ.

Merida dreaded her mother’s lessons. She lived for those rare days when she was free. Then she would take with her a bow and a quiver of arrows, get on her horse Angus, and spend the day in the forest, engaged in exciting things. She was a reliable archer, and rarely missed a shot.

It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I also learned a lot more Hebrew and can now type in IPA!

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