time-experiencer said: Hi, and pink

1. Wow, she seems really serious.

2. Yeah, not at all.

3. You look approximately your age - somewhere in your early twenties. I’m bad at guessing ages over about fifteen.

4. You make me laugh on a very regular basis ^_^

5. I don’t think you’ve ever made me mad. I don’t get mad too easily. I mean, maybe when I was on the Bitch Adderall, but I was mad at everyone and everything, so it wasn’t you.

6. Your ability to sympathize with and be amused by all our moments of idiocy.

7. Uh, no.

8. Friend!

9. Firstnickname Lastname 

10. Sure, why not :)

Four facts about my parents:

1. My mother is a rabbi’s kid, so she, her two birth-siblings, her foster-sister, and both my grandparents were all born in different states (my aunt was even born in a different country!).

2. My parents were both in the Israeli army. My dad because he’s Israeli, my mom because after giving college the mandatory one-year try, she moved to Israel. She was in the tank corps for her mandatory service, and then went professional and was in ground forces command. My dad was in the air force. They banter frequently about whether or not the air force actually counts as part of the army.

3. My parents instilled in me a love for and need to travel. As an RK my mom moved all the time growing up, and my dad also traveled a lot in his twenties. The area we live in is very stationary - people are born here, grow up here, go to school locally, get local jobs, raise kids locally, etc. Like, there are people whose entire extended family lives within a four-block radius. My parents have done their best to make sure I GTFO early and often. (They’ve only stayed in the same place so long so that all of us could finish school. As soon as my youngest sister is stable, they’re moving to Greece. My dad wants to live on a houseboat. My mom says he can come visit her in her home on the mainland for dinner sometimes.) My sister, on the other hand, wants to own my parents’ house after they leave.

4. Between the army and college, my dad and some buddies sailed around the Mediterranean and traveled extensively. He really has the best stories. He lived on a nude beach in Greece for 9 months, was a squatter in London, etc.

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