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My name's Banana, I'm 24, and my life is slowly going to hell in a handbasket. This is an awkward effort to cope.

I like knitting, slashfiction (primarily Sherlock, Harry Potter and Firefly), musical theater, math, puns.

I'm studying to be a teacher. I also teach a few days a week.

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seatentsina asked: hi

1. I honestly don’t remember a first impression. It was more like “oh, hey Allie’s friend in my kitchen.”

2. I’m super glad we reconnected in person. You’ve made my life richer and more interesting and I’m very glad to count you as a friend.

3. Guh. Early twenties is the best I’m getting. Sorry, dude.

4. Absolutely. Your snarky comments are the absolute best.

5. Like I told K, probably only while I was on Bitch Adderall, which clearly has nothing to do with you and everything to do with my incredibly fucked up brain.

6. Your ability to pick something you want to learn about, and then do it. I get curious about things, and they go on my ‘to learn about one day’ list, and then I never do anything about it. You’re learning so much wonderful stuff and I’m so impressed by your dedication to knowledge.

7. Definitely not.

8. Most easily fascinated friend. Like, there are topics that you get into that are SO RANDOM and you learn everything about it, and then *I* get excited about it, and then I end up learning IPA. Or finding myself curious about cheese. Or wanting to try bookbinding. (I don’t have time for another hobby!)

9. Firstnickname Lastname

10. Yes. Definitely.

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