truebluemeandyou: DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game. The ULTIMATE GIFT for a Harry Potter fan. The designer has two requests: do not sell this and give him credit. As I’ve said over and over again - if you like a free printable DOWNLOAD IT because if may not be free or available in the future.

DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game from Design in Technology here. For how to make the board, cards, etc… go here. For the printable files (board, spells, potions, properties etc…) go here.  *Read the comments on each post for additional tips and tricks for making this game. This must have truly been a labor of love and is so well done. This is obviously not for commercial use so please don’t sell it. First seen at Geek crafts here.

For lots more Harry Potter themed DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/harry-potter

If I only had a working printer…

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Oh my gosh this is legit one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life!  This is SO COOL, seriously just click on it, oh my gosh. This is how I imagined wizard duels I actually like this better than the duels in the movie because there are spells that actually do things other than make stuff explode.  If I didn’t know better I would have thought that this was professionally made, WOW. <3


Awww YIS.  This is the best kind of internet badassery.

For those unsure, it’s like a short fic, but in video form.



Can we just take a minute to appreciate the exceptional fucking knitting skills of the Harry Potter costume designers? Like, this shit is clearly handmade to fit each actor.


Or machine knit, but that’s not the point.


You know what the point is? The point is, this shit was clearly not fucking store bought. You know what was purchased?




Yarn was fucking purchased. It was fucking purchased and fucking hand made into the beauty that is the knitted costumes in these fucking movies.


You go, costume designers. You knit the shit out of the costumes in these movies, and I hope you are hired to knit many more things in the future because you do great fucking work.



asexual charlie weasley growing up in a household that’s full of love obvs but i mean you have 6 teenage boys running around and ideas of traditional masculinity are prevalent and you start to accept them subconsciously y’know

and charlie’s the second oldest and he looks up to bill b/c bill’s cool as frick man bill’s a quidditch star bill’s a prefect bill’s got cool long hair and charlie wouldn’t /admit/ it but yeah he tried to grow his out like that but it looked weird w/ his facial structure but charlie looks up to his big brother So Much and tries to be as good as he is, as good a student as good a wizard and as good a son 

and he can do that and he’s happy doing that but bill starts dating and brings his girlfriends and boyfriends around the burrow during the summer and charlie starts dating a couple years later ‘cause that’s when bill did and bill’s told him Stories, brother stories about second base and tongues and charlie tries to recreate those but he’s just??? not into it???? it squicks him out sometimes and bores him other times but he just. doesn’t wanna. and he figures he’s just a late bloomer so he gives it a couple years but he still just doesn’t have any interest in going there and it seems normal until the twins start having girlfriends and lee jordon around and percy’s kissed at least one girl, charlie knows because perce asked if he did it right and damn son when you’re younger brothers are more into sex than you what’s up w/ that

and it worries him kind of because molly’s always talked about grandkids and planning weddings one day and “what will your wife think about you wrangling dragons young man” and he knows she loves him he Knows that but he doesn’t think that this is what she has in mind

but he tells bill because that’s what he always does and bill just leans his chair back and stretches his legs and blows a strand of hair out of his face and grins and says hey dragons are more exciting than sex anyway, and charlie smiles and slowly molly learns to stop herself before asking when he’ll give her grandchildren and the twins don’t tease him about getting laid and he adores his job and his family and he’s okay, really, it’s all fine 


Harry Potter Q&A: Reblog with your own answers

Your house: Uh. Not sure, actually. I’ll let you lot sort me.

Your favourite character from the trio: I think probably Ron, as I am constantly entertained by his emotional obliviousness.

Three other favorite characters: McGonagall, Remus, Voldemort

Least favourite character: Umbridge

Favourite book: Prisoner of Azkaban

One favourite moment: [Ack, I just realized my first favorite moment is from a fic!] I think I’ll have to go with McGonagall teaching them how to dance.

How you were introduced to the seriesMy mom went to England with a friend in ~1998ish when I was about ten, and brought back a copy of book one. She didn’t initially offer it to me, but knew my sister G would love it and also knew that G would scoff at anything my mother thought was a good idea. So she had me offer it to G in a ‘hey, I saw this lying around and thought you might want to read it’ sort of way. G saw right through this, so I read it :D

What would your favorite lesson be?: Maybe Arithmancy? I like numbers!

Favorite professor: Lupin. I want to be that kind of a teacher.

Which hallow would you take?: Invisibility cloak. Most useful, least likely to be used for srsly evil shit.

Which character are you most like?: I hope Lupin, but I’ll let you lot decide.

Three spells you’d like to be able to perform: Accio because I lose things faster than you can imagine; something to make my quill take dictation, or maybe I’d bring a manual typewriter? I can’t write for shit; something to help me remember all the things that need remembering.

Would you have entered your name in the Goblet of Fire?: Nope, far to busy.

Would you have played Quidditch?: Hrm. Maybe? It doesn’t involve running, so possibly my lungs would be ok with it? But then coordination and getting hit in the face so maybe not.

What form would your Patronus take?: …I don’t actually know. Ideas?

What would be your profession in the wizarding world?: Almost definitely a teacher.

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Temple University, which NEVER closes (I’ve waded through 3+ feet of snow to get to class) has cancelled school on Monday and Tuesday. Not that I don’t think it is/will be serious, but it hasn’t yet rained a drop here. My roommate and I are preparing for the storm like any sensible person, by downloading fanfiction and tv  shows (Doctor Who, West Wing, Gilmore Girls) and charging laptops.

Anyone have longfic recommendations?


thechunkyknitter said: 43!

43. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately. Fictional: Remus Lupin (but NOT David Thewlis). Real: Dan Plehal. I worked on a play with him (he played Roger in A New Brain at Plays and Players). Beautiful, sexy, wonderful human being. Actor: Toss-up between David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch. Matt Smith is also beautiful, but squints too much. I feel like he can’t see anyone.

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