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They were a perplexing people, the British — but at least they weren’t Canadian.

No, seriously. Worth reading. We’ve Got It All in Our Hands, by My Beloved Cheshire.

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we were beautiful: Fic: Unlikely Connections We Make // Chapter 1 →

Fic: Unlikely Connections We Make // Chapter 1


Title: Unlikely Connections We Make // Chapter 1: Hell is a Blue Sofa in Hornsey
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Words: 4.107
Pairing/characters: Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes
Warnings: Zilch, unless I ought to warn you for hopelessness and really uncomfortable sofas.
Rating: This chapter is pretty mellow, but the overall story is NC17
Disclaimer: I own nothing. NOTHING. It’s tragic. All your Sherlock are belong to BBC and ACD and none of it, tragically enough, to me
Notes: Mystradedoodles challenged fic writers to write Mystrade during the hiatus. I was really just curious to see if I could write this pairing. As it turns out – yes, yes I can. I’d intended a one-shot of 10.000 words at most. It became… well. This. A bloo bloo what am I doing with my life. I will submit this to the challenge after I post the last chapter! (which… shouldn’t take too long. For the record every chapter is about 4.000 words and right now I’m thinking it’ll be about six chapter total)

Greg’s life has gone to the dogs. In a spectacular show of really bad judgement he tries to improve things by hitting on Mycroft Holmes.

Read the first chapter here

Next chapter will be up on Friday!


Guys guys guys IT’S UP!!! I’ve read it already and it is WORTH THE READ!

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Fic recs, please!

I need some fanfiction help. I’m trying to get a 14 year old boy hooked on fanfiction, and this is what he writes: “I like the Sherlock series as you suggested and I like the kind of stories from the books and how the mysteries work.”

I’m assuming this is casefic, and I’m going with gen (or at most a PG-13 rating) because I’d feel awkward being the one to introduce a camper to erotica…(he can find that on his own, tyvm)

Any recommendations?

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