slime-experiencer said: ∏

Did you take my food to Stonehenge to eat it there because we need to have words about food stealing.

Because it’s not like I don’t have an insatiable need to feed people. It’s not like I won’t give you food if you ask.

But stealing? Dude. I teach morals for a living. You think you’re getting away with that shit?


ADHD Challenge Day Six

Day Six: What are some benefits of having AD/HD?

  • Because I have such a hard time staying organized, I’m really good at organizing other peoples’ things.
  • I also tend to keep spares of just about everything (because I never know what’ll happen, or what I’ll have forgotten, etc.), so I’m always prepared for the apocalypse. 
  • I’m able to deal with a lot of input and issues at once (ie multitask) very easily. This makes me a good stage manager.
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